Fetch! is Epworth Medical Imaging’s proprietary electronic results transmission (ERT) program. If you download results from Melbourne Pathology, Fetch! may already be installed on your computer.

Fetch! is a feature-rich application that imports patient reports directly and securely to your practice management software for fast, reliable access.

Fetch downloads

  Windows94.9MbCurrent Version. Minimum requirements Windows 7 or greater. Windows Server 2012 and above require the installation to run under Windows 7 Compatibility mode
  OSX160.2MbCurrent Version. Minimum requirements OSX 10.7.3 Lion.

Copyright notice

You are free to download and use these files. However, Sonic Healthcare Limited asserts it copyright and prohibits any unauthorised reproduction, distribution, alteration or reverse engineering of these materials.


Fetch! inquiries

If you would like to know more about Fetch! please contact Kathy Damon on 03 5271 7183 or  0419 614 486