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Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring

Calcium scoring uses a CT scan to identify calcified atherosclerotic plaque in the coronary arteries.  The idea is to detect heart disease early to allow initiation of medications to prevent heart attacks.  Calcium scoring is low radiation and requires no intravenous line or contrast.  It is best targeted to individuals >45 years of age with no symptoms of heart disease.  There is no Medicare rebate for this service. 

Consider calcium scoring if:

  • Age > 45 years and interested in knowing and reducing heart attack risk.
  • No symptoms of heart disease (no chest pain).
  • Not yet on a statin but would consider taking such medications to reduce risk.

In preparation for your calcium score:

  • There is no special preparation for a calcium score.
  • Continue to take any medication and eat and drink as normal

How long will the scan take?

Approximately 5 minutes.


After your CT scan, you can dress, collect your belongings and report to reception. Your study will be available to view electronically by your doctor and you can also request access to your pictures on our RV Patient App.  The cardiologist will produce a report, sent directly to your GP or specialist. Please contact your referring doctor to discuss your results.


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