Body composition scans

Epworth Medical Imaging also provides specific measurements for legs, arms and abdominal regions.

This information can be used to help diagnose and monitor the progression of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Body composition scans are also helpful for obesity management and provide reliable information to guide exercise and dietary programs.

How should I prepare for a body composition scan?

There is no preparation for a body composition scan, however, you do require a referral from your GP or treating specialist. In accordance with radiation guidelines, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding cannot undergo a body composition scan.

On the day of your appointment

If you have a referral, please present this to Epworth Medical Imaging reception upon arrival, A radiographer will collect you from reception and ask you to change into a gown.

The radiographer will measure your height and weight before positioning you on the DEXA scanning table. An elastic band will be placed loosely around your feet to keep them still.

You will be asked to lie motionless for 5 to 7 minutes during the examination as a scanning arm passes above you. The radiographer will remain in the room with you at all times.


You will be given a hardcopy of your body composition scan, which will include colour images and information detailing your body mass index (BMI), total percentage of body fat and total muscle weight.

You can use the data and colour tissue distribution images to develop an understanding of where your body stores fat most prominently. You can track your progress with future follow-up scans.