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A pathologist examines the samples before results are sent to Epworth Medical Imaging and to your GP or specialist doctor.

How do I prepare for a biopsy?

Generally, there is no preparation required for a biopsy. However, if you are taking blood thinners you may need to stop taking this medication before your procedure. Please discuss this with your GP or specialist doctor and inform our staff when booking an appointment.

Please bring any previous X-rays to your medical imaging appointment.

On the day of your appointment

Our friendly staff will greet you on arrival and take your referral form. Paperwork relating to consent and allergies will need to be completed at this time. Your biopsy may be performed under CT or ultrasound, depending on the area being examined.

Depending on which modality is being used, a radiographer will collect you from reception and take you to the CT room or a sonographer will take you to the ultrasound suite. You may be asked to change into a gown.

A radiologist and a nurse will join you in the room, where they will clean your skin with antiseptic and use a local anaesthetic to numb the targeted area. The radiologist will use CT or ultrasound to guide the biopsy needle and three to four tissue samples will be taken and sent to a pathologist for reporting.

How long does a biopsy procedure take?

Biopsy procedures generally take 30 minutes to 1 hour. Our staff will provide a more accurate time estimate when you call to make a booking.


You may be required to have an X-ray immediately after the procedure. If so, you will be kept under observation for up to four hours.

A report will be sent to your GP or specialist. Please contact them to discuss your results.


Request an appointment

To book an appointment with Epworth Medical Imaging please phone us or complete the request form and we will contact you to confirm your appointment.